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732 244 2122


Crispy Fried Calamari Balsamico Topped with chopped Red Onions, Spicy Cherry Peppers & Drizzled with our signature Balsamic Reduction

Littlenecks Oreganata- Clams on the half shell filled with seasoned Bread Crumbs, Finished with White Wine and Lemon

Cozze in Bianco Sauteed Prince Edward Island Mussels in White Wine, Fennel & Garlic

Burrata Mozzarella Homemade Creamy Mozzarella Ball served on a bed of Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes & Arugula

Mozzarella en Carrozzo The Italian Grilled Cheese stuffed with Our Creamy Homemade Fresh Mozzarella, Prosciutto & Roasted Peppers

Vegetable Napoleon Layers of Eggplant, Zucchini, Portobello Mushroom & Fresh Mozzarella

Eggplant Rollatini Sliced Eggplant Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese, Layered with Fresh Mozzarella & finished with our signature Marinara Sauce

Pizzette(Personal Pizza)

Margherita- Homemade Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomatoes & Fresh Basil $8 

Quattro Formaggi- Provolone, Parmigiano, Fresh Mozzarella & Gorgonzola $11

Quattro Stagioni- Prosciutto, Olives, Artichoke Hearts, & Mushrooms $11

Salsiccia & Pepperoni Picanti- Hot Cherry Peppers & our Homemade Fennel Sausage $10

Bianca Rosa- Creamy Ricotta, Fresh Mozzarella & Vine Ripened Tomato Slices $10 

Pesto, Pollo & Formaggio di Capra- Grilled Chicken, Goat Cheese & Pesto $11

Signature Entrees

Chicken alla Bistro Pan seared boneless Chicken Breast topped with Sausage, Hot Cherry Peppers, Potatoes & Onions in White Wine, Garlic & Oil

Chicken Sorrentino Pan seared boneless Chicken Breast layered with Fresh Mozzarella, Eggplant, Roasted Peppers & finished in a light Tomato Sauce

Veal alla Bistro Slices of Veal Layered with Prosciutto, Spinach, Fresh Mozzarella & finished in Mushroom Marsala

Slow Braised Beef Osso Buco over our creamy Risotto

Tonno Agrodolce Ahi Tuna Steak seared and topped with caramelized Onions, Sun Dried Tomatoes & our signature Balsamic Reduction

Pesce Spada al Salmoriglio Grilled Swordfish Steak topped with our Classic Salmoriglio Sauce made with Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon, Basil, Parsley & Fresh Oregano $25

Filet of Sole Marechiara Pan seared Sole topped with Chopped Tomatoes, Capers, Olives & a hint of Anchovy

Classic Filet Mignon Bistro's Signature Filet Mignon pan seared & finished in our Cabernet Reduction topped with Portobello Mushroom slices $30

Veal Chop Milanese A tender Veal Chop on the bone, Breaded and Deep fried topped with a fresh Arugula Salad with Fresh Mozzarella, Onions & Tomatoes

Italian Classics

Spaghetti & Meatballs Mamma's Original Recipe $15

Nonna's Lasagna Lots of Meat, Sausage & Ricotta $16

Chicken Parmigiana Chicken Cutlet topped with Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara Sauce $18


Mixed Mushroom Risotto Portobello, Porcini, & Button Mushrooms infused into Creamy Risotto


Linguini & Littlenecks Sauteed Little Neck Clams w/ Garlic & Olive Oil $16

Penne Arrabiata Tossed with our Homemade Fennel Sausage, Hot Cherry Peppers & finished with our Marinara Sauce, Nice & Spicy!!

Penne alla Vodka Our version of this creamy classic with Peas & Prosciutto added for an explosion of flavor

Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi Bolognese served in our Creamy Three Meat Bolognese Sauce

Capellini Scampi Jumbo Shrimp in our Lemon & Garlic Scampi Sauce over a bed of Angel Hair

Pasta Milanese A wonderful joining of Toasted Bread Crumbs, Pignoli, Raisins & Tomato Sauce over Mafalda Pasta

Pasta alla Bistro Homemade Ricotta Cavatelli with Broccoli Rabe, Sausage & Cannelini Beans in White Wine & Garlic


Homemade Meatballs $4                                 Potato Croquettes (2) $4

Sauteed Spinach $5                                         Broccoli Rabe $7

Homemade Fennel Sausage $5


Soda/Bottled Water $2.50

Imported Italian Soda $3

Apple or Cranberry Juice $3

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water Large Bottle $5

Acqua Panna Still Water Large Bottle $5

Coffee/Tea $2.50

Espresso                     Single $2.50            Double $3.50

Cappuccino $5

Homemade Gourmet Desserts

The Best Cheesecake you've ever had!”

NY Style Cheesecake $6

Creme Brulee' Cheesecake $8

Turtle Topped-Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Pecans $8

Banana's Foster-Banana Cream & Brandy infused Caramelized Bananas $8

Fruit Topped- Various Seasonal Fresh Made Fruit Toppings $7.50

Bistro Homemade Tiramisu' $6

Homemade Cannoli $4

Homemade Tartufo-Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream covered in a Chocolate Shell & Maraschino Cherry


Homemade Creme Brulee' – our creamy custard, topped with caramelized sugar

Chocolate Brownie Sundae Delicious warm brownie, scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup & sprinkles, finished with a Maraschino Cherry

Love our Cheesecake?? Bring one to your next event

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